Curaspan Health Group, a naviHealth Company, the leading provider of patient-transition solutions with many acute discharges in the U.S. moving across its network, provides transparency to patient events beyond the hospital.

Curaspan Differentiators:
By adding Curaspan, to your solution, you benefit from a secure, symmetrical communication network with downstream providers. With Curaspan you receive:

  1. Workflow automation software Accelerate throughput and optimize length of stay by automating much of the discharge planning process, getting your patients quickly placed in the right setting while freeing up bed capacity.
  2. Community provider databank and search engine leverage a proprietary provider data bank, which includes a matching algorithm for length of stay, clinical requirements and geography, generating a list of potential placement opportunities within seconds – even for hard-to-place patients.
  3. Communication platform communicates with post-acute providers, payers and suppliers through a singular, secure, common workflow in real time. Communication is date- and timestamped to improve efficiency and ensure compliance.
  4. Data repository with enterprise reporting identify root cause and support process-improvement re-engineering through the automatic capture and display of relevant trending data. These reports are especially helpful to optimize LOS and reduce avoidable readmissions.
  5. Professional services benefit from the credible resources – former case managers and clinicians – who understand the pain points that impact optimal workflow. It’s the software with a service that truly complements the industry-leading software as a service.