BPCI Advanced Participation Dips 16% in First Five Months

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The number of healthcare providers participating in the CMS’ advanced bundled payment model has declined by 16% since the program started five months ago, as providers choose to get out now to avoid financial risk.

The CMS announced the withdrawal option in early July, before BPCI participants officially had to sign agreements for the program in August. This raised the possibility that some would sign up for the program even if they were unprepared because they knew the withdrawal option was available to them, said Gina Bruno, vice president for clinical strategy at naviHealth, a convener for hospitals that participate in BPCI.

“For some it may have allowed them to take on more than they otherwise would or to maybe use the program as a testing ground,” she said.

Considering the zero-risk withdrawal option, Bruno said the number of participants leaving the program was modest.

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