naviHealth Acquires Innovative Healthcare Delivery

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NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–To support healthcare provider organizations and health plans in the transition to value-based care, naviHealth announced the acquisition of Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IHD), a company that specializes in identifying and addressing social determinants of health in order to improve quality of life and clinical outcomes for patients. This acquisition is part of naviHealth’s broader mission to empower seniors and those that care for them by extending non-clinical services into the home.

IHD utilizes a high-touch, patient-centric, and non-clinical approach that is paired with proprietary workflow and patient engagement technology to address barriers and improve efficiencies throughout the healthcare system by helping patients get the right care, at the right time. The IHD approach focuses on connecting directly with patients to ensure they understand and are able to follow critical care guidance such as discharge instructions, medication adherence, and attendance of follow-up appointments. By integrating IHD into their current care coordination model, naviHealth will be able to further expand care services from post-acute care into the home.

“Increasingly, healthcare providers and health plans are realizing the importance and value of focusing on addressing social determinants of health and non-clinical approaches that ensure successful patient care transitions back into the home,” said Clay Richards, Chief Executive Officer, naviHealth. “With IHD, naviHealth will be able to help risk-bearing providers and health plans realize tangible cost, readmission, and member experience benefits — while supporting patients in more securely transitioning to recovery in the peace and safety of their own homes.”

With this acquisition, naviHealth will offer leading health plan and provider partners more access to the services and assistance — both clinical and non-clinical — needed to deliver on a trusted integrated care model that ensures the cost-effective transition of patients from hospital to post-acute care to home. This latest growth investment is part of naviHealth’s broader strategy to help healthcare provider organizations and health plans optimize senior care.

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