SOAP Notes featuring Dr. Daniel Frank (Podcast)

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SOAP Notes featuring Dr. Daniel Frank

In episode 7 of SOAP Notes with Dr. Jay LaBine, Jay sits down with Dr. Daniel Frank, chief medical officer (CMO) of Optum Care, to talk about the recently exposed flaws of our healthcare system, the pivot to telehealth, protecting our vulnerable senior population, and the role of physicians in the investment in value-based care delivery.

At Optum Care, Dr. Frank leads the clinical functions and is responsible for partnering with local care delivery systems across the nation to advance clinical initiatives, foster an exceptional provider experience, improve patient outcomes and transform the way they deliver care. Dr. Frank also oversees the Office of Provider Advancement, chairs the Clinical Leadership Congress and serves on the Executive Council.

Dr. Frank has previously held a number of leadership positions within Optum Care including lead physician, local and national medical director roles focused on process improvement and quality initiatives and chief clinical officer.

Ways to listen:

Here are the topics covered in this episode:

Exposed flaws of our healthcare system- 3:50

Pivoting to telehealth- 8:20

Protecting vulnerable populations- 12:28

Managing chronically ill patients- 16:01

Addressing non-clinical factors for health- 19:21

Absorbing risk vs. fee for service- 23:00

Care delivery invested in value-based care models- 26:04

The role of the physician- 27:56

SOAP Notes with Dr. Jay LaBine (Episode 7) featuring Dr. Daniel Frank, Chief Medical Officer, Optum Care

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