SOAP Notes featuring Mark Switaj

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In this episode of SOAP Notes with Dr. Jay LaBine, Jay sits down with Mark Switaj, Founder and CEO of Roundtrip, a digital transportation community and all-in-one ride ordering solution. The two discuss what it means to have a deep personal connection to healthcare transportation barriers and how seamless, coordinated rides are the connective tissue to actually improving health outcomes.

Since starting Roundtrip in 2016, Mark has led Roundtrip to become the leading digital transportation community for better health outcomes. Mark brings extensive experience in the NEMT space as he previously worked as an EMT. Working in the ambulance allowed him to see firsthand from the transport side, what the real problem was. Since then, Roundtrip has been on a mission to remove transportation as a barrier for the vulnerable and improve transitions of care for both patients and case managers.

Mark holds an MBA from Georgetown University and a BS in Management from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management. He also is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a Board Member of Philly Start Up Leaders.

Ways to listen:

Here are the topics covered in this episode

Roundtrip’s conception – 02:30

The impact of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) on social determinants of health – 07:00

The impact of COVID-19 on the care continuum – 10:45

Value creation and the potential for NEMT to be included in future reimbursement models – 14:30

SOAP Notes with Dr. Jay LaBine (Season 2, Episode 3) featuring Mark Switaj, Founder and CEO of Roundtrip

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