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Cardinal Health


Part 2: Payer-provider partnerships – Industry experts weigh in

Payer-provider partnerships are dramatically changing today’s healthcare landscape, but are they really a new thing? And how will their increasing prevalence influence the future of care, either for better or worse? Today we’re talking to Marilyn Denegre-Rumbin, JD, MBA, and Director, Payor-Reimbursement Strategy for Enterprise Marketing with the Center of Excellence at Cardinal Health, as she shares her take on the topic.


Helping High-Risk Patients Stay Healthier and at Home

At Cardinal Health, we support healthcare leaders as they implement best practices to transform patient care. A particular focus for many of them, as a result of a rapidly aging population and ever-increasing healthcare costs, is the prevention of avoidable hospital readmissions for high-risk patients.

Here, we visit with two such leaders, one a naviHealth customer, and the other the recipient of a Cardinal Health Foundation E3 Grant. With very different approaches, each is working to help improve the quality of life for seniors with multiple chronic conditions, and, at the same time, is reducing healthcare costs.

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