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Thanks so much for the great conversation @techguy and @hcittoday and everyone else in the SDOH conversation today. #HITsm #UrreaSigningOff

Communities need to be involved in the conversation so that health systems know what’s available before developing programs. Let’s see what’s already in place and go from there. And let’s find out what are their greatest needs. #HITsm

Healthcare IT Today @hcittoday

Bonus: How can health systems engage their communities to address SDOH on a local scale? #SDoH #HITsm @naviHealthPAC

These are broad terms, but when you think about it all of us will experience some aspect of SDH during our lifetime. The question is how do we bridge the gap? #HITsm

The CDC defines SDH as Economic Stability; Education Access and Quality; Health Care Access and Quality and Neighborhood and Built Environment and Social and Community Context. #HITsm