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Value-Based Care


The importance of geriatric nursing assistants in a post-COVID world

Geriatric nursing assistants are responsible for performing the brunt of the work in elderly care — helping patients eat, bathe, monitor their vitals and other health signals and take their prescribed medications. They also provide much needed companionship, which is crucial given the current loneliness epidemic. Underpaid and underappreciated, these healthcare professionals were already in short supply before the COVID-19 pandemic; when the coronavirus hit the United States, the shortage turned into a full-blown staffing crisis.


Chronic care management will separate leaders from the pack in 2019 (and beyond)

Healthcare organizations and providers will both be renewing their focus on chronic care management in 2019 for a number of different reasons. With 90% of the nation’s healthcare expenditures being spent on chronic care patients, managing this population can lead to improving quality of care while also helping reduce cost. naviHealth Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jay LaBine shares some insight on how providers can keep patients at the center of the care continuum while finding innovative ways to manage chronic care.


Consumers, payers and providers are embracing the value of Medicare Advantage

Open enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans is predicted to swell as educated consumers increasingly flock to plans that align neatly with their evolving health interests — and value-based care plans like Medicare Advantage (MA) fit the bill. As providers and payers partner to preserve a competitive edge in the growing MA market, they offer new and innovative MA benefits and services to drive member satisfaction and enrollment. Here’s why healthcare consumers, providers and payers are seeing the advantage of Medicare Advantage.

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