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Top 3 Reasons to Partner with naviHealth on Risk-Based Arrangements

As physicians move into risk-based arrangements, relying on the right partner is more important than ever during these challenging times. naviHealth has a long history of managing post-acute care on behalf of payer and provider systems —delivering positive outcomes, both financial and functional.

Here are the top three reasons why your organization should partner with naviHealth:

  • Committed to delivering the results your practice values the most: Efficiency scores, safe transitions, patient satisfaction and patient affinity.
  • Guaranteed savings: We collectively agree to meet specific benchmarks around cost and outcomes; We fund the programs out of the risk agreement and provide you the savings on top.
  • Financial security for future growth: A reduction in cost and improvement in outcomes can put your practice in a stronger financial situation — allowing you to take on even more risk.

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Reimagining the Physician Role to Serve Seniors in the Wake of a Crisis

On Thursday, August 27, Jay LaBine, Chief Medical Officer at naviHealth, Thomas Buckingham, Executive Vice President at Select Medical and Jomy Mathew, Executive Medical Director, naviHealth, discussed specific areas of change needed to spur a sweeping upheaval toward patient-centered, personalized care.

Many seniors do not have access to comprehensive, integrated care — leaving them even more vulnerable during this pandemic. COVID-19 has put nursing homes and senior-specific care facilities in the spotlight. A greater call for change is needed to help mend America’s deeply broken healthcare system; specifically, rethinking how and where we care for our growing population of seniors. Some of the topics discussed in the webinar include:

  • Key learnings captured amid this pandemic
  • Specific areas of consideration that should be prioritized to appropriately meet patients’ needs

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Post-Acute Care Optimization for Accountable Care Organizations

The Post-Acute Care Optimization for Accountable Care Organizations eBook discusses the smart-tech, smart-touch clinical model that has proven effective in improving outcomes while reducing overall cost across the care continuum.

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How Hill Physicians Medical Group and naviHealth Partnered to Optimize Care Transitions during COVID-19

The healthcare industry continues to be impacted by the novel coronavirus, particularly vulnerable, frail seniors. In addition to the immediate dangers of COVID-19, healthcare professionals are also being confronted with a wealth of other challenges including shifting regulatory changes, delays with patient discharge and bed availability at assisted living and skilled nursing facilities (SNF). In this case study you will learn how Hill Physicians Medical Group (Hill Physicians) — in collaboration with naviHealth — achieved great success in ensuring patients received the appropriate care as safely as possible.

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