nH Intake and integration partners

Single sign-on

naviHealth has partnered with several Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendors to develop integrations that can optimize your workflow and streamline the intake process.

Our shared customers will now be able to view and manage patient referrals with one click into nH Intake. This streamline approach allows for more secure logins and direct access to patient records for immediate workflow efficiencies and quicker patient placement.

naviHealth and CRM or EMR collaboration

Improved workflows for post-acute care management

Direct access to nH Intake ensures your referral workflow is simplified and efficient within one platform.

When you begin the intake process within the CRM or EMR, you can securely launch patient data directly into nH Intake.

You and your staff can save valuable time by eliminating multiple logins between platforms — allowing for more time spent providing patient care.

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