Physician Groups

naviHealth enables better post-acute care outcomes in risk-based programs


Physician Groups

naviHealth enables better post-acute care outcomes in risk-based programs

reduce post-acute care costs

grow your participation in risk agreements

reduce readmissions

increase affinity and care retention

How naviHealth Can Help Your Organization
As physicians move into risk-based arrangements, relying on the right partner is more important than ever. naviHealth has a long history of managing post-acute care on behalf of our provider partners — delivering improved financial and functional outcomes.
Committed to Delivering Results
  • Results your practice values the most: efficiency scores, safe transitions, patient satisfaction and patient affinity
Significant Cost Savings
  • We collectively agree to meet specific benchmarks around cost and outcomes; we fund the programs out of the risk agreement and provide you the savings on top
Financial Security for Future Growth
  • A reduction in cost and improvement in outcomes can put your practice in a stronger financial situation — allowing you to take on even more risk
Smart-Touch and Smart-Tech
  • Pairing in-market clinical support with proprietary, predictive decision support tools helps to streamline care transition processes and optimizes workflows to ensure better clinical and financial outcomes

Hill Physicians Medical Group and naviHealth Partnered to Optimize Care Transitions during COVID-19

In this case study, you will learn how Hill Physicians Medical Group, in collaboration with naviHealth, achieved great success in ensuring patients received the appropriate care as safely as possible.

  • Optimizing care transitions during COVID-19
  • Keeping patients safe in the wake of a pandemic
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Lives Fulfilled

A patient found herself bouncing between skilled nursing facilities and home. When home, she struggled to make sense of her new normal; oftentimes, mixing up her medications and readmitting to the hospital. During a follow-up call with the patient, a naviHealth care coordinator explained the original discharge plan, step-by-step, helping her feel stronger and safe at home.


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